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The Card Plant

About The Card Plant


The Card Plant has been providing hand made playing cards for magicians for over 15 years. We are probably best known for two effects, "The Magnetized Cards" and "The Impossible Close Up Rising Cards". These two effects sell as well today as they did when they were first released back in 2000. Michael Close raved about these two effects in Magic Magazine. When USPCC started printing custom cards several years ago we had them print up cards for Jim Swain's "Capitulating Queens" which has also turned out to be a best seller.  At magic Conventions, we keep a magnet nearby because anyone who handles our "Shim Cards" don't believe they have a piece of metal in them.  Our "Hofzinser Transparent Card" has been extremely popular as of late. In fifteen years of business, we have only run ONE ad ONE time in ONE magazine.  Our business is strictly word of mouth and there must be a lot of people talking!!!