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The Card Plant

Barrie Richardson - Concepts and Deceptions eBook

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Table of Contents
I.       Introduction

II.     Starting with the End in Mind: Some Questions and Ideas
On Performance

III.     Theatre ofthe Mind-- Footnotes and Expansions of Stunts
Ovation Position Airplane Cards Bill in Lemon Dollar Divination
The Trick That Fooled Einstein
Suspension ofDisbelief

IV.     Devious Devices
Lazy Magicians' Memorized Deck
Unshufiled Rounders
Novel Ghost Gimmick
Novel Center Tear-Post-It Note
Devious Deck Switch

V.      Other Routines
Untouched Card at Any Number
Impossible Knot Routine
Card to Pocket-Banded Wallet
My Card Trick
Rice Jar Mystery

VI.    Ending with a Poem