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The Card Plant

Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle eBook

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"Gary Plants' modifications to Herb Zarrow's famous and revolutionary table false riffle shuffle have rendered that shuffle virtually indistinguishable from an honest tabled riffle. I have seen some of the most informed card men of our day shake their heads in disbelief upon witnessing Gary's handling of the Zarrow Shuffle; and, in fact, many actually asked him to prove that the shuffle is false. It is the most invisible sleight I have ever witnessed."
-- Paul Cummins

"Imagine going to a magic gathering knowing you are about to meet some fine magicians for the first time. One of them is Gary Plants, who has a reputation as a world class false dealer. Great, I'll maybe pick up some tips on deals.

We spend maybe ten minutes on deals, because Gary has very important work on the Zarrow Shuffle. He has analyzed the shuffle and come up with a technique that has the absence of technique. What a pleasure."
-- Earl Nelson

"When it comes to sleight-of-hand with playing cards, when Gary Plants speaks, people listen. If you follow his instructions carefully, I suspect that you will learn to appreciate the many advantages of his approach, breath new life into a classic technique, and end up with a solid false shuffle that you can apply to your work with confidence and conviction!"
-- Steve Forte

"Gary Plants has taken the Zarrow Shuffle to the next level. He has eliminated all of the standard tells. One can actually stare, up close, directly at the pack and not see a thing....from any angle. It's a thing of beauty...the finest table false shuffle even devised. I was so taken by Gary's shuffle that I immediately volunteered to illustrate it--for free."
-- Tom Gagnon

"In Gary's hands the real shuffle and the Zarrow shuffle look exactly the same. The shuffle is without a doubt invisible and there is absolutely nothing to detect."
-- Bill Malone