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The Card Plant

Greg Wilson's Flashback Case

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This is the card case in "Flashback" from Gregory Wilson's DVD Pyrotechnic Pasteboards.

Phase 1: A signed card is lost in the deck and jumps to the top.

Phase 2: The card is again very clearly placed into the center of the deck, yet it still comes to the top.

Phase 3: Now, the cards are mixed face-up and face-down, only to magically revert to their original condition.

Phase 4: The joker is removed and caused to change into the signed card.

Phase 5: The signed card visibly changes into an indifferent card.

Phase 6: When the indifferent card is placed on the bottom of the deck, it changes into the joker. The joker is removed from the deck and the deck is shown to have returned to new deck order, even though the cards were mixed previously.

****** (This is where the gaffed box is used) ******

Phase 7: The card case is put away, yet when the magician snaps his fingers near the deck of cards, the case instantly appears back on the deck.

Please specify RED or BLUE card box.