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The Card Plant

Silver Sheen Daub

$20.00 Out of stock

Daub is a solid substance used to mark cards for easy identification. Cards can be marked on either the front or the back, depending on how you intend to "use" this information. For magicians, both ways of marking will have their advantages. Gamblers will generally mark only the backs of certain cards (although some have been known to daub the "edge").

Daub can be found in many colors including red, blue, green, black, gold, and silver. Silver daub is probably the easiest to read.

The daub, when used correctly, is invisible to the spectator but easily visible to the performer because he knows what to look for. Best of all, the silver daub, unlike other types of daub, is easily removable from the playing card. A slight rub with your fingertip or a slight push across a close-up mat and the daub will disappear. Silver daub is also not sticky or greasy, as is the case with some daubs.

For card experts only! This is the finest daub available. Comes with simple instructions.