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The Card Plant

The Capitulating Queens (James Swain)

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Jim Swain says  "I have carried this routine in my wallet for the past ten years, and think it is one of the most entertaining and utterly mystifying routines that can be performed with a small packet of cards. I have performed it for groups of one, and groups of fifty, always with equally satisfying results.
This routine is also in the repertoire of Larry Jennings, who normally disdains routines using gimmicked cards.
This is one of the easiest routines I do, yet perhaps the most mystifying to a lay audience."


Four Queens are shown to the spectators. It is explained that one of the Queens has a different colored back from the other Queens. A spectator is invited to guess which Queen is different. The Queen the spectator chooses is the different card. Then, one at a time, each Queen is shown to have a different colored back. For a finale, all four Queens are shown to be completely different.

Card back designs are as shown on the booklet.

Printed by USPCC.