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The Card Plant

Impossible Rising Card

The Impossible Rising Card

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After seeing The Impossible Close-Up Rising Card trick, here is what the following magicians had to say:


"The most notable magic was a rising card effect performed by Gary Plants. Among those baffled by Gary's inexplicable illusion were: Larry Jennings, Mike Skinner, Alex Elmsley, Bill Goodwin, Roger Klause and yours truly."
— Quote from Tony Giorgio's column in the July 1996 Genii regarding Geno Munari's Close-Up Classic magic convention.

"All the top pros know that the Rising Cards is one of the killer card effects. The bad news is that the most used method has been totally exposed. Gary's method goes far beyond what's been done before…it's diabolical, practical and examinable! Now you can fool all the wise guys!"
— Bob Kohler

"That is superb! Absolutely sensational. I don't have a %*$#&^%$% clue!"
— Michael Close

"Expensive and worth every penny. Highest recommendation."
—Phil Willmarth

"I have never been so badly fooled. It's a must for every corporate worker!"
— Bob Bengal

About five years ago Gary Plants and I were sitting in an airport waiting for our respective planes home. Gary took out a deck of cards and nonchalantly proceeded to knock me on my rear end with an unbelieveable rising card effect. I have lusted after this trick ever since then, and Gary is finally releasing it. This latest version is even better than what I saw at the airport. My great regret is that I have to tell all of you about it.

Here's what happens. Two spectators each select a card by dividing a pile of cards into two smaller piles and looking at the top card of each pile. (Gary offers a non-sleight-of hand method for this card selection process, but knowledgeable card magicians will want to substitute more sophisticated methods.) Each spectator shuffles his card into the respective small packets and the two packets are assembled into one packet. (The spectators can check to make sure that neither selection is near the top or bottom of this packet.) One of the spectators places the pile of cards into the card box. The magician holds the card box and asks which spectator should go first. Whoever decides to go first, that spectator's card rises out of the card box. The spectator does not have to name his card before it rises out of the box. The first spectator removes his card (still in an upjogged condition) from the card box. The second spectator's card then rises from the box. At this point the second spectator takes all the cards from the box, and the box is handed for examination. Everything can be examined.

This is a fabulous trick on every level. You have to be a bit careful of your angles (someone standing behind you is going to be very wise), but otherwise you can do this trick anywhere. The trick is expensive to keep it exclusive and because Gary has to make everything by hand. This is not a self-working trick; you will have to practice, but the results are more than worth it. I wish I were the only one who knew about this.
--Michael Close   November 2000 Magic Magazine