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The Card Plant

The Magnetized Cards

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"Gary has also revived "The Magnetized Cards," an effect that was a favorite of Nate Leipzig. You're probably familiar with the effect. The magician forms a "rosette" of cards on the palm of his hand. The hand is turned over, the cards mysteriously cling to the palm. At the whim of a spectator the cards drop to the tabletop. Gary's method for this is ingenious and completely practical. The spectators can examine your hand before and after the magnetization. Gary's handling also gives the spectators the impression that they have examined all the cards involved.
I have been using this for the past two weeks and I love it. The effect is unusual and it plays very big. Best of all, you'll be able to perform this with just a little bit of practice."
--Mike Close from the November 2000 issue of "Magic Magazine"

 "Your version and solution of the classic magnetized cards is the best! I am sure Leipzig would not only be fooled by it, he would be proud to use it. I am putting this one into my repertoire NOW!" Thanks!!!
-- Eric DeCamps

"If I were limited to one card effect to perform before an audience, the one I would pick would be the Magnetized Cards."
-- Bob White

"After having performed a variation of the Magnetized Cards for many years, I was completely bewildered when Gary demonstrated his diabolical and totally deceptive method for me. I was left without a clue and have since discarded what I had originally believed to be the ultimate modus operandi."
-- Roger Klause

"Gary Plants has improved the method beyond recognition. I have no doubt Leipzig would be doing it Gary's way if he were alive today. This is a highly visible, inexplicable, unusual effect"
-- Phil Willmarth