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The Card Plant

The Ring in Card Box

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You have to see this to believe it! A ring vanishes during ANY ring routine and is found inside a card box that has been in plain view all the time. This is once again based upon a Peter Kane idea..only now the box can be shown cleanly on BOTH sides.


"Gary Plants who is renowned for his work with gimmicked cards, came up with another method which, with his awesome craftsmanship, is totally deceptive and which leaves the spectator with no clue as to how it could be done."
-- Phil Willmarth

"The 'Ring in Card Box' is a beautifully made prop and I recommend it."
-- Mike Close

"Anyone who says that the days of fine craftsmanship in magic props is over has apparently never seen the work of Gary Plants. Gary has taken what was originally Peter Kane's concept and has turned it into an extremely practical and deceptive prop that you'll be proud to work with."
-- Jim Sisti